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UMC Victoria Hospital

UMC Victoria Hospital
Univic Medical Centres

UMC Zhahir Hospital


UMC Zhahir Hospital
Unihealth Medical Centre

Unihealth Medical Centre


Unihealth Medical Centres
UMC Mwanza Hospital

Doctor Operating CT Scanner


Unihealth MRI Centre


"Where Care Comes First"

UMC Hospitals is one of Africa's leading chain of hospitals and medical centres, providing comprehensive world-class healthcare services. With a network of hospitals and medical centres spread across four African countries, the ever-growing healthcare services provider ensures treatment across all specialties. With the aim to provide "Quality Healthcare to All", the Group, headquartered in India, has established technologically advanced state-of-art hospitals in Uganda and Nigeria, ably supplemented by its network of medical centres in these countries. The Group has medical centres in Tanzania and is set to commission a 50-bed tertiary care hospital in the country in addition to a world class MRI Centre in Mozambique in the year 2019.

UMC Hospitals & Unihealth Medical Centres are established with the sole mission to deliver world-class, holistic and affordable healthcare.

Growing from a single medical centre in Mwanza (Tanzania) to one of Africa's fastest growing network of multi-specialty hospitals and medical centres, UMC Hospitals have evolved over time but has ensured that it adheres to the same values of "Where Care Comes First"


We are open Round the Clock to serve our patients. You can call us, write to us or visit us as at any of our facilities as per your convenience. Our Accident & Emergency Department and Ambulance Services are available to attend to your emergency needs.


"Where Care Comes First"

We nurture a culture where every one of us is committed to compassion and care for patients and their caregivers beyond our duty.


The Team at UMC Hospitals across Africa maintains the highest ethical standards and puts forward the patients' well being ahead of the self, team and institution. Dedication to serve overrides every aspect of duty for the Team at UMC Hospitals.

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