Gynecology & Obstetrics

All women’s healthcare related services are offered under Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Comprehensive treatment for women having various health issues is aptly taken care of by the specialised medical professionals. With advanced technologies and superlative care, a variety of services are offered, like painless deliveries and easing out high-risk pregnancies. Mostly services under Obstetrics and Gynaecology include adolescence care, counselling before conception, total pregnancy care, reproductive medicine, pre-natal classes, preventive health programme, contraceptive medicine, IVF, menopausal care, and gynae-oncology.

Medical Conditions and Treatment:

  • Prenatal Diagnosis and Ultrasound – Genetic amniocentesis, ultrasonography and chorionic villus can be done to diagnose disorders and chromosomal abnormalities. Families are counselled and testing options are discussed keeping in mind the health of the mother and the foetus.
  • Gynaecologic Oncology – Medical experts specialised in different areas of gynaecologic cancer put in their best efforts to create a treatment plan along with the team of doctors from radiation oncology, medical oncology, radiology and pathology.
  • Fibroids, Endometriosis and Cysts – These conditions can be treated by Laparoscopic surgery that is less painful and has a faster recovery.
  • Pregnancy
  • Natural birthing
  • Cesarean section
  • Painless delivery: Epidural analgesia allows women in labour to have a painless delivery.
  • Diabetes Management – Pregnancies that are complicated with diabetes are handled carefully and supportive counselling, specialised testing and monitoring of the infant and mother is done on a regular basis. Proper nutritional counselling accompanies in patient’s prenatal visits that help in the management of glucose levels.

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