UMC Hospitals

UMC Hospitals are one of Africa’s leading providers of comprehensive world class healthcare services. With a network of 4 hospitals and 10 medical centres, the ever-growing healthcare services provider ensures treatment across all specialties. With the aim to provide ‘Quality Healthcare to All’, the Group, headquartered in India, has established technologically advanced state of art hospitals in Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria, ably supplemented by its network of medical centres, ‘Unihealth Medical Centres’ in these countries, ensuring ease of access for treatment by one and all.

One Name, One Mission

UMC Hospitals found roots in the undying desire of its founders to ensure provision of quality healthcare services to one and all. Started as a medical centre in Mwanza, Tanzania in 2016, UMC, with 10 medical centres and 4 tertiary care hospitals across 3 countries in Africa, has been synonymous with provision of quality care.

4 Hospitals, 10 Medical Centres, 1 Name, 1 Motto – UMC Hospitals – ‘Where Care Comes First’

The Group is home to a dedicated skilled team of internationally trained medical professionals, para-medics and administrators, backed by the las test state-of-art technologies benchmarked to international standards and has many firsts to its credit with regards healthcare services in Africa.

24 Hour Service

Emergencies see no time and neither do we. We’re open 24x7 to provide all assistance

Online Help

Unable to visit our facilities. Write to us for online assistance

Medical Travel

For highly advanced procedures presently unavailable at UMC, travel to our associate hospitals in India